internet X censorship

I’d previously posted the following lines in an online forum, and here transcript them as well.

According to aspects like Internet, censorship and how have been these somehow connected in-between nowadays, the subject covered on a link recently sent to a YouTube channel, in Italian, reminds me of another issue already in course in Brazil, in English.

On the other hand, this also reminds me of a topic related to today’s Brazilian legislation, exhaustively discussed on the local Internet: Brazilian Law’s often misinterpretation of Internet means (especially blogs), mainly due to, say, ‘idiosyncratic’ jurisprudence between the lines. One expression of this might be that concerning lawsuiting of bloggers, owing to comments (not necessarily the post itself) published by third parties on their blogs.

Of course such is just a ‘drop in an ocean’ of a whole delicate issue that involves not just political matters but also those of cultural and economical, depending on the country/continent.

Broadly speaking, in my point of view there are two main concerns in this question, which might be closely analysed under a minimum of discernment: the question of mere censorship (be it from governments, institutions, political parties etc.) from one side, and that of plain privacy invasion (from individuals or groups of interests) from other. Or else, where the former ends and the latter begins. And vice-versa.

Finally, in Brazil there is already a draft law awaiting to be approved until December (in Portuguese).

To sum up, more about Internet censorship.

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