art in food (arty food)

Visually speaking, concerning gastronomy and the food plating topic, a neat presentation should make a lot of difference in dishes’ preparing proccess (plus some GREAT music, like in the 1rst video) – whether artistic or even of the humorous kind.

Such, obviously, includes beverages like coffee (in CafeLatte combinations), which presents delicacies like this.

…Yet few can raise such condition to a stylish, witty level like Brazilian artist (settled in France) Juarez Machado – as follows.



Só uma rápida nota (eu sei, o blog está há mais de ano sem atualização, mas não pude resistir).

Nesta semana iniciei uma Pós – e, quem sabe, a mesma forneça-me algum tipo de subsídio para tópicos neste blog.

Vamos ver. Contudo, espero que as ideias surjam espontaneamente.

Adianto que o curso está super-interessante e envolvente.



a relaxing pause

…with some of my favourite Beethoven’s pieces: Romances for violin and orchestra (1 and 2).


(Sponsored by: CHE-COLA)