re-awakening myself

After so many years of (existentially speaking) uncertainty and playing with different beliefs from different religious backgrounds, I decided to open a new spitual phase in my life, commencing by putting away the false and assimilate my true spiritual affinity, of what I do REALLY believe and to which I do strictly identify myself, blending a contemplation to my inner self in communion to the Universe… Such experience started as taking the Benedictine’s 12 steps of humility, in where each step actually represents a conscious stage for the real meaning of the humility (away from the usually distorted mundane sense of the word), taking it step by step for a whole apprenticeship of its meaning. No one would dare take the next step, until de meaning of the previous step is fully understood…
If there’s someone interested, should you get a copy of the Rule of the Saint Benedict and carefully read the 7th rule’s lines, about the 12 steps of Humility. Climbing them should represent a true spiritual Odyssey, from facing the challenge to completing it.

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