Dedicated to all Facebook flatterers (who seems NOT to allow others to have even a single bit of constructive criticism, whether of the humorous kind or not) – plus some updates.

P.S.: (UPDATE july 11th 2012) for those who call critics like these ‘losers’ or some other demerit of their preference (as demonstrated in several comments posted to the videos), hopefully it should be expected to the former NOT to lead their adulation to the point of buying FB shares, lately. Otherwise, we shall see who might be the REAL loser, in the end :))))))

And then, one fine day…

‘follow the leaders’ series (a compilation)

By spending some time watching some YT stuff about our valorous, powerful international leaders (wherever they come from), this playlist has been compiled for my, your, our own amusement.

(Playlist occasionally updated)

my Web Horror Show

Apresentando a vocês, o melhor do pior – em vídeos cuidadosamente selecionados de vários lugares e idiomas possíveis como, digamos, Meu Horror Show Particular ou, pelo menos, minha singela homenagem à chamada mídia-má-feia-e-bobona :O) Alguns dos vídeos exibem situações (involuntariamente) engraçadas; outros, cenas ou coisas simplesmente inacreditáveis. Rir, para não chorar.
Por outro lado, infelizmente todos, ou pelo menos vários vídeos compilados não dispõem de traduções legendadas.
De qualquer modo, espero que esta seleção divirta vocês. Como sempre faço com as outras playlists, esta também é freqüentemente atualizada.
Now introducing, the best of the worst – on carefully selected videos from several places and in several languages as possible as, say, My Private Horror Showor, at least, my ‘humble’ tribute to the so-called wicked media :O) Some of the videos show (involuntarily) funny situations; others, just plainly unbelievable scenes or things. As we brazilians use to say, “laugh for not to cry”.
On the other hand, unfortunately all or at least most videos compiled do not have translated subtitles.
Anyway, I hope this selection will keep you amused. Like I always do with the other playlists, this one is regularly updated, too.