highs & lows: ‘anatomy of a myth’

It was ‘Global COOLING’ in the 70’s, now ‘Global WARMING’ – what should be called a true Climate Change discourse’s rollercoaster, with the collaboration of the so-called media.

the-dark-side-of (3)

I think this video says for hundreds of YouTube users, ordinary people who have their accounts unfairly suspended for not a single reason.

It’s surely an ‘edge of the iceberg’ (since the site’s issues are a bit complex), but… Anyway, maybe it’s time for YT to review its often nebulous policy, instead of tolerating absurdities like this.

Attention please, Mr. YouTube: the PUBLIC, the AUDIENCE is not DUMB.



Dedicated to all Facebook flatterers (who seems NOT to allow others to have even a single bit of constructive criticism, whether of the humorous kind or not) – plus some updates.

P.S.: (UPDATE july 11th 2012) for those who call critics like these ‘losers’ or some other demerit of their preference (as demonstrated in several comments posted to the videos), hopefully it should be expected to the former NOT to lead their adulation to the point of buying FB shares, lately. Otherwise, we shall see who might be the REAL loser, in the end :))))))

And then, one fine day…

‘follow the leaders’ series (a compilation)

By spending some time watching some YT stuff about our valorous, powerful international leaders (wherever they come from), this playlist has been compiled for my, your, our own amusement.

(Playlist occasionally updated)

the Uirapuru

While cyber-navigating I just had found an audio caption of a brazilian songbird’s chant (well, there are LOTS the Web away). The species, whose habitat is located in the Brazilian Amazon’s rainforests, is locally known as ‘Uirapuru’ (Cyphorhinus aradus), shown here in the photo.

This bird’s chant has a mythical meaning (originated within Brazilian native indian folk tales) to the Amazonian native, as listening to it is a quite rare experience: if one’s fortunate enough to have a listen they’re advised about grabbing this probably unique opportunity of their lives to make a wish. Thus, the Uirapuru chant is traditionally regarded in local folklore as an auspicious sign that brings good fortune and happiness.

Listening to the chant, and blissfully feeling its limpid beauty, perhaps should help to explain why it is so…

P.S.: although entries of both English and Portuguese versions are available on Wikipedia, unfortunately the English version is shorter than the Portuguese entry (which contains much more information about the species, either biological or cultural).