early manifestations of the ‘recycling’ attitude

Yesterday, while taking participation in a discussion forum of my post-grad classes, I’d brought to all colleagues the following reflexion: after al, wasn’t RECYCLING a core idea of the early conceptual art manifestations, hence a true pioneerism in this sense? And isn’t the specific case of readymade nothing more than a proposal for the act of ‘recycling’?

The idea occurred by initially analysing pieces from artists such as Duchamp and Smithson.

Then, within the context of recycling, the recent cases of Brazilian artist/designers such as Polish-born sculptor Franz Krajcberg and designer Campana brothers came to mind:

Alongside with this, a shot on a ‘recycling’ workshop given by Italian designer/professor Aldo Cibic at a Venetian Architecture university, on 2007 (video is in Italian only):

philosophy studies

Recently I’d decided to made some professional changes in my life, and Philosophical studies are in such context.

Unfortunately, for the time being there aren’t enough conditions for me to attend college in this sense (yet I already own a major degree, in a different area), so… The best I can do for myself for now is reading Philosophy books, as many as I can (whether purchased or borrowed).

Studies has been taken in an organised way, though, commencing from the very start – i.e. from Eastern Philosophy (Chinese-Indian-Persian) and the Ancient Greek. Further philosophical readings/authors should be added in a proper chronological order, following the timeline of the distinct philosophical schools and traditions through the ages.

However, I must stress that my interest on Philosophy is not merely, say, ‘contemplative’ – it’s also scientifical, as many sciences like Physics, Psychology etc. derived themselves from Philosophy (esp. the from Ancient Greek).

Well, I think that’s all, for the time being… Excusez-moi, real life calls 🙂


short story

This entry was originally a handwritten (by me, of course) piece, and I decided to type and post it here with no pretentions at all – so one can read it either in present days or 50 years later… And make their own conclusions as well 😛

A Hundred Years Ahead

Every day I access my home computer and start a new working day, I wonder how things used to be in the beginning of 21rst century. In those already past times, life surely has been not so different than nowadays, in some aspects – only some technological progress makes a lot of difference, and somewhat funny!

Firstly, when I read an electronic book in my home computer, which is so small that it fits the palm of my hand (having also the resource of transferring any type of data from the computer to my database watch), I remember those hilarious huge PCs from hundred years ago. How couldn’t they be as portable as this one I own?

Additionally, all those shops and supermarkets seem so outdated as everyone now can buy the most ordinary things like groceries or household goods without getting out from the house – just one click in my portable palm-computer and everything can be bought and delivered to my house.

On the other hand, it is really gratifying to know that most of those environmental problems which once used to be such a nuisance to the whole so-called Planet Earth are now completely eradicated. For example, all residences are supplied with their own fabricated water, therefore the shortage or even the simple lack of this substance is not a problem anymore.

Time to stop – because I have to make a business contact on my palm-PC (which is also equipped with both digital and web cameras, and have voice devices as well) to close a deal. Duty calls…